Although there is a multitude of variations of pizza all around the world, every culture can agree that it is a pretty awesome food invention. Each person has their own preferences, such as meaty, with pineapples, garlicky, and more. Americans, for example, like every kind of meat imaginable, whereas Italians are offended by this. In the United States, you’ll find every approach and flavor combination you can think of: deep dish, burgers as toppings, and more.

Pizza in Bend, OR, is no exception to such creations. But, some restaurants also incorporate that fresh taste you get from Italy while putting their own spin on it.

What Cheese Lovers Like for Pizza in Bend, Oregon

Cheese is a worldwide addiction, and when it is put on top of a flat circle dough, you get the perfection that is pizza. But creating a truly delectable piece is not that simple. For one, there are different types that not only taste varyingly, but also deliver distinct results. And because of that, cheese lovers are greatly interested in having slices or pies with a large amount of cheese or those that they can customize to suit their preferences.

Some cheese lovers hate being confined to the one or two kinds of cheese that are included in a menu item. Additions or substitutions are sometimes not allowed, so if you wanted a mozzarella plus a feta, and there’s no item that offers that particular combination, you’re in tough luck. That’s why customized options are interesting to them—they can mix and match cheese, or they can put them all together to create the ultimate cheese slice.

Mozzarella is the most common type of cheese on pizza in Bend, Oregon. Its light and fresh taste paired with its creamy texture makes it perfect as a base for many recipes, which may or may not call for another type of cheese.

But there are other types that are popular among cheese lovers as well, like provolone, feta, goat cheese, ricotta, and more. Then there are variants coming from other parts of the world such as queso fresco and oaxaca cheese that offer distinct flavors and texture, which cheese lovers would surely enjoy.

On their own, each of these cheeses has their own characteristics. But when they are mixed with other cheese and other ingredients, they create an explosion of flavor. That’s why cheese lovers rarely go for only one type.

Pizza and Brew in Bend for Cheese Lovers

When it comes to finding the perfect pairing of pizza and brew in Bend, many locals choose Pacific Pizza and Brew because of their various creations that tickle your taste buds. Whether you want the classic pepperoni pizza in Bend, Oregon or the more sophisticated taste of Margherita, all of it is available. What’s more, cheese lovers will surely enjoy looking through the menu as there are different kinds of cheese that can be paired with other ingredients to build interesting flavors.

The Create-Your-Own-Pizza is also popular among cheese lovers as they have the freedom to load any toppings they want (we’re guessing, mostly cheese). Pacific Pizza and Brew in Bend offers mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles, queso fresco, goat cheese, feta, and Oaxacan cheese. Cheese lovers can combine two or more with other choices of toppings and achieve a burst of cheesy flavors.

There are also Signature Recipes that Pacific Pizza and Brew in Bend offers. Locals have their own favorites among the diverse menu, where they can find interesting flavors, such as Thai Pie and Habanero Alfredo.

All products are locally sourced when available, which means you get fresh and flavorful ingredients that you can possibly have in a pizza in Bend. The regular and gluten-free doughs are cooked fresh. The finest meats give exciting character and flavor, and the sauces and dressings complete the whole mouthwatering experience.

The Final Word on Pizza in Bend

While pizzas come in different forms and sizes, the national love for it is one and the same. We have different tastes, and that’s why places like Pacific Pizza & Brew try to cater to all of them by offering Signature Pie Recipes and letting you create your own if you so wish. Whether you’re a cheese lover, a meat lover, or just an enthusiastic pizza lover, there is always something for you.