There are many places to find good pizza in Bend, Or.  So we love it when some of our customers leave some great reviews for Pacific Pizza & Brew to help people find us. Thanks for the feedback & support!
“This is by far the best pizza in Bend. Yes, I’ve eaten at Mondo. But Pacific Pizza is fresher, cleaner, and more innovative. The texture of the dough is like a crusty loaf of french bread. It is the closest we have found to Pizzeria Mozza (owned by Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton), which is the standard all pizzas should be held to! My favorite is the chorizo pizza, which has white crema, Oaxacan cheese, cilantro, fresh tomatoes, shaved onions and chorizo. DELISH! My husband likes the torta sandwich (super spicy) or the meatball. The torta is more intricate and they leave all the seeds on in the jalapeno, so watch out. The meatball is straight forward, but their meatballs are smooth and generously sized, and it’s made with lots of melted cheese on a hoagie. I love that they have skinny fries, and their ranch has a great buttermilk taste. Might be made in-house. Their side salads are nice and large and they put things like candied figs and sunflower seeds on them. Much better than your average garden salad. Service is friendly and efficient, and pretty fast for a pizza place! They were good about refilling drinks. The decor and ambiance feels very California, which we like! It’s open and industrial, with concrete floors, high ceilings and an airy, cool vibe. The pendant lamps over the bar are a gorgeous turquoise glass and they are set into a steel bar. I totally wish I could get them for my house. In the summer they can open their roll up doors and make the whole restaurant sort of indoor/outdoor. They have a decent selection of beers and some interesting cocktails. My favorite coffee drink is a dirty hippie (Chai with a shot of espresso), and they have that in an alcoholic form. I am going to have to try it next time!”  – Kristy K. –

“Really always enjoy this place … Great menu, pizza by the slice, and always an awesome brew selection. This is a great location for the patrons as it offers excellent outdoor seating that is quiet off the road and very open. Even on really hot days it is nice to sit outside and watch your beer mug sweat. This may not be the best location for the owners as it is tucked away and not in a high traffic area but the place is catching on, maybe more so with locals. If you’re on the way to the Cascade Lakes or Mt. Bachelor to ski it is an easy off and on. We’ve been to Pacific Pizza several times and the waitstaff seem to enjoy working there as they are friendly and well educated on the menu as well as the beer selections.” – Rick J. –

“Great Pizza place in Bend. Top 3, for sure. Crazy selection of good beer with a full bar as well. The food is great quality. My favorite wings in town and I’ve tried a lot. It took a few months for them to really dial it in and now it’s great all around. Don’t let negative reviews deter you.” – Jarred S. –

“I love this pizza place! The kale salad is an absolute must, as well as their lunch specials “pizza by the slice”. We have come here in big parties and the staff I very laid back and accommodating. Our 6 year old loves the checkers set, as well as crayons and paper, even chalk. Very kid friendly and the staff is not rude about it at all. To go is also great because it’s quick, and the best pizza in town.. My personal opinion of course.. But I do very much prefer it. A large pizza and a kale salad to go, and we got dinner for 4 with leftovers! Anyway, if you’re looking for a fun pizza place with a huge beer selection, laid back vibe, check it out!” – Carmen D. –