Beer is synonymous with fun and excitement. It means hours of socialization with friends at your local pizza parlor. Night outs will never be complete without a bottle of this communal beverage. And what better way to make the night even more fun than by adding some cheese. Here are some beer and pizza pairings that will turn an ordinary night into extra special.

Margherita and Pale Ale

If you like Margherita pizza, the best beer to pair it with is a pale ale. This malt flavored beverage complements the toasty crust and balances out the acidity of the tomatoes. It will not only drown out the subtle flavor of the mozzarella but also push it to the forefront making the cheese the center of attention.

Pepperoni and IPA

If you still prefer the classic pepperoni pizza, you can pair it with Indian pale ale (IPA). Pairing the two will give you a bitter-salty combination. IPA is known for having more hops than the regular pale ale thus giving you more alcohol content if you like more “oomph” to your beer.

Hawaiian and Fruit Ale

Hawaiian is still a favorite flavor of pizza for many. Pairing it with a fruit-based ale will elevate its flavor. The sweetness of strawberry, grapefruit, or cherry ale will complement the sweetness of the pineapple as well as the acidity of the tomato. It will also contrast the saltiness of the ham.

Mushroom and Spinach and Stout

Mushroom combined with spinach is heavenly already. But pairing it with stout can take you to seventh heaven. If you prefer a sweet beverage, go for milk and chocolate stout. The sweetness of milk or chocolate will spice up the earthy flavors of the mushroom and spinach.

Cheese and Wheat Ale

Another classic flavor that remains a favorite is cheese. It may seem that this flavor of pizza will go well with any beer. However, cheese pizza will go well with light or wheat beer. So if you go on a night out on  Millers or Coors Light, you can pair cheese pizza with the beer. This flavor is plain in nature and wheat flavored or light beers can make it shine.

Clam and Gose

The salinity of gose is the perfect complement to the saltiness of clams and bacon. The brightness of tart will give a nice lemony finish to the seafood. The coriander will bring a subtle spice while the acidity and effervescence will cut through the fattiness and cleanses the palate between slices.

Philly Cheese Steak with Lager

The clean and lightly bitter lager will add a dash of sweetness to the caramelized onions, green pepper, and beef.

Chicago Style Deep Dish with Zwickelbier

This soft unfiltered lager adds just enough hop character that will balance the sweetness of the sauce. Its soft finish is enough to make the thick layer of cheese stand out. Zwickelbier will make the crust the star of the show. What would night outs be without a bottle of beer? When you combine two favorite meals, you can look forward to a whole new experience with your friends during the weekends. Pacific Pizza & Brew is located at 340 SW Century Dr. Bend, OR 97702.     Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+