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4 Reasons Why Craft Beer and Pizza Make the Perfect Pair

Craft beer and pizza has become a popular trend for local communities. The pairing of the two blend nicely, complimenting each other beyond compare. Whatever the occasion, it never hurts to indulge in some craft beer pairings while you munch on a cheesy slice of pizza in Bend, OR. As if they were meant for each other, local beer and a slice are two American classics that go hand in hand for a few reasons.

1. Perfect Celebration Combo

We have all heard of pizza parties and we often drink beer to celebrate a special event or during a night out with friends. Local breweries offer a large range of tastes match your preference. Pacific Pizza and Brew for instance, is one of Bend’s more popular pizzerias and they offer locals not only great food, but exquisite brews. Below are a few combos recommended by customers:

  • Pepperoni and Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Cheese and Wheat Ale
  • Capicola Pineapple and Fruit Ale

Elevate your flavors by trying some of these pairings for pizza in Bend, Oregon. They ultimately depend on your preferences, but if you are unsure of what type goes with what flavor feel free to ask your waiter or waitress and they will be happy to help you find the perfect pair for you.

2. Bend Pizza Has Extra Flavor

The second reason local beers go well with Bend pizza is because when combined you receive an abundance of flavors. Like mentioned earlier, some brews go better than others. Your selection goes with your cravings; however, local breweries offer quality beer that goes nicely with just about any meal. Some blends were meant for each other and when you combine these two items you receive flavorful meals with amazing tasting beer.

We recommend selecting your favorite type of Bend pizza and then deciding on the beer flavors that go well with your selection. Does your meal have a light or heavy flavor profile? What type did you select? Meat lovers, vegetarian, cheese? These are all things to keep in mind before deciding on you personally crafted beer. By doing you will receive a great pairing and more enjoyable dinner!

3. Elevates Your Mood

This reason is a bit obvious, but it cannot be overlooked! The cheesy slice makes us happy and so does beer! Bringing the two together makes for a fun night out or relaxing luncheon with friends. Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves comparing flavors and trying more than one selection. Select your favorite slice and toppings and flavor of craft beer for a happy medium.

4. Options for Pizza in Bend Are Endless

Another nice thing about locally owned and operated restaurants that serve slices and craft beer is that their menu options are plenty. If you are craving some cheesy goodness, for example, you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from all with high quality toppings and ingredients. Local restaurants bring extra and unique flavors to their meals so you know you won’t be disappointed!

Pizza in Bend, Oregon: Pacific Pizza and Brew

All in all, nothing compliments pizza better than craft beer. Finding a local brewery and pizzeria in Bend, Oregon is not difficult at all. There is a lot of pride in the city for offering the best pizza Bend, Oregon has tasted. At places like Pacific Pizza and Brew, you can always count on quality pizza made with fresh and local products. Not to mention the numerous brews available; you will have no problem selecting one that fits your taste.

If you have never had the pleasure of trying locally owned pizzeria in Bend, check out the local scene. The best pizza in Bend will always be at an establishment with good, craft brews because Bend, Oregon knows how to eat and drink.

A Slice of History: Pizza in Bend, OR and America

Looking for pizza in Bend, Oregon? Before you call up your favorite joint, take a moment and think: Do you know the history of this favorite American dish? From college dorm rooms to family dinners, it is a staple in the American diet. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if the heavenly slice had never been invented. From New York style thin-crust, to Chicago’s deep crust, to the creative fusions of pizza in Bend, OR, every region in America has their own twist on the heavenly slice. To pay tribute to this culinary staple, here’s a slice of its history in America.

A Taste of Italy

The influx of Italian immigrants in the latter end of the 19th century first brought pizza to American shores. For a time, the dish was only popular in Italian communities. In Italy, it had been largely a dish of the working class, an item that could be served for cheap and eaten quickly, and in America that convenience and cost carried over. Vendors would walk up and down the streets in Italian neighborhoods with tubs of slices, selling them to hungry passersby.

It was Gennaro and Giovanni Bruno who seem to have recognized the serious lack of their national dish in America, so in 1903, they emigrated from Naples to introduce the Neapolitan style slice to the American culinary cuisine. In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi’s grocery store in New York became the first established pizzeria.

Pizzerias from Coast to Coast

Throughout the 1900s, pizzerias started cropping up around the country. Vincent Bruno, son of Giovanni Bruno, took the recipes passed down from his family to Chicago, where he opened the first pizzeria in the historic Loop district. In 1910, the first pizzeria in Trenton, New Jersey was established with the opening of Joe’s Tomato Pies. On the west coast, the first pizzeria to open up was in Los Angeles in 1939 thanks to the D’Amore family.

From Italian to Bend Pizza: Comfort Food for Soldiers

Although various pizzerias started opening up, mainly around the east coast, throughout the early 1900s, it wasn’t until after World War II that pizza became a popular national dish that would eventually make its way to Bend, OR. As American soldiers returned home from their stations in Italy, they brought news of and an appetite for this cheesy delight, and soon it began to catch the interests of the broader American public.

From Family-Run Parlors to Chain Restaurants, to Pizza in Bend, Oregon

The 1950s and ‘60s saw the birth of many of the pizza restaurant chains that we know of today. Begun as humble family-run pizzerias, these establishments swelled into national and even international chains as the popularity of the slice skyrocketed and the American public began to demand it for lunch and dinner, hot or cold. While the dominant chain restaurants mostly originated in the Midwest, other small and local parlors also thrived, dishing out some of the best pizza in Bend or anywhere else.

Today: Pizza in Bend

While the chain restaurants still dominate the market for pizza in Bend, OR and other places, an increasing demand for higher quality has seen the decline of the huge chains. Now, more people are looking for better quality ingredients, whether they are eating traditional, Italian-style pizza in Bend, or whether they are looking for creative fusions at establishments known for the best pizza in Bend. Bend pizza is especially known for having inspired takes on this national dish, with local Bend pizza parlors and restaurants offering up fusions of Asian, Mediterranean, or Southern influences to create some of the most savory and unique pizza Bend, Oregon has seen yet.

3 Reasons Pizza Can Be Healthy For You

Pizza has held a bad rep for being a bad food choice many people claim leads to obesity or simply being unhealthy. In fact, in most cases, people are wrong, as it actually holds some health benefits that our bodies could use!

 It is true, pizza can, in fact, be healthy for you. Parental advisory is suggested because once your kid reads this they will never stop asking for their favorite food and you’re going to struggle to win the argument.

This is great news for pizza lovers who want more excuses so they can keep indulging in their favorite food. However, it all really depends on what kind you’re eating and where you’re getting it. If it’s great pizza from Pacific Pizza and Brew, its bound to fit these categories. Check out the 3 reasons this food can actually be healthy for you:


1. Pizza Can Help Fight Cancer

Okay, hear us out! I bet this is the last thing you expected to hear.

Pizza has had a long reputation of being bad for you and your health, however, that is not fully true. Since tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, which is an antioxidant compound that can help protect you from heart disease and prevent cancer, you are fighting off potential health diseases by eating this yummy treat. See what popular health blog Active Beat has to say about it! 

2. Can Help Boost Your Immunity

It is said that tomato sauce is packed with vitamin C, which is the key ingredient for your body to fight off illnesses. It’s relevant that a healthy immune fighting dish depends on the ingredients and the amount of the ingredients; however, once you have read this you will know how to make your pies healthier for yourself.

In fact, adding oregano to your sauce can help boost your immunity further. Oregano has a large active ingredient called carvacrol, which has properties that can protect your liver and help balance blood sugar.

3. Most Contain Nutritious Ingredients

This article isn’t telling you that every pizza is healthy for you, but it is important to consider what you’re asking for. Many great pizza shops, like Pacific Pizza and Brew in Bend, OR, have pies crafted with many different veggie options. You can also request different types and thickness of dough, the amount of sauce you want, and healthier toppings. So, don’t forget about the veggie selections on the menu! You will be doing yourself a huge nutritional favor. 

Pacific Pizza and Brew’s Healthy Choices

At Pacific Pizza and Brew, we offer great food with many nutritional values. Our restaurant offers the best beer and pizza in Bend, and even options with healthier choices. All our ingredients are 100% fresh, making our dishes stand out from the rest. Choose the best pizza brew in Bend, and receive the highest-quality selection in the area!

5 Signs You Are Deeply in Love with Pizza

There two different types of people in this world, those who love pizza and those who like pizza. And there is a huge difference between them! There are the people who are satisfied with your average, out of the box Friday-night special. And then there are the people who will plan their entire nights, weekends, and vacations around the quest of tasting the best of the best.

If you aren’t sure if you suffer from being deeply in love with pizza, then you are in the right spot. Below are the 5 signs that could mean you are most likely in love with pizza. Find out if this is you!

1. Everyone Knows it’s the One Thing That Cheers You Up

From bad days at work, to performing poorly for an assessment, to your average crappy day where nothing can go right, what is your ideal cure? Sure, it is pizza. It is one thing for you to know this about yourself, but it is another thing if everyone else knows this about you.

For many people, their resolution to a not-so-good day may be ice cream, chocolate, or booze. But for the true lover, their vice is always their slices of goodness. And there is never a better sound than hearing your family, friends, or significant other offering to treat you to ooey-gooey cheesy goodness.

If everyone around you knows that cheering you up with pizza is the ultimate way to turn your day around, then you are definitely an enthusiast.


2. When It’s Your First Recommendation for Ordering Out

Is pizza always number one on your list for ordering out? If so, then you’re definitely a proper foodie for these delightful circles of goodness. Just think about the endless options that you have for your weeknight or weekend take out or delivery options. Thai. Chinese. Indian. The list can seem endless. Yet, you always gravitate toward the best pizza. Coincidence, we think not!


3. You Can Smell It When You Think About It

This is not metaphorically speaking- you’re definitely in love if you can smell it when you think about it. The hot dough, the luscious tomato sauce, the hot pepperoni and melted cheese; if you’re already smelling it, we’re afraid you’re infatuated with the stuff!

4. Even If You Don’t Like the Toppings, You Will Still Eat It

Most people would rather order something new or just not eat anything at all if it has pineapple, mushrooms, or artichokes on top. But not you! If you get one glimpse of that beautiful pie, no matter how weird the toppings are, you can’t help but dive right in.

5. You Have a Favorite Place to Get Your Pie

For the real lover, you have a place you always go to for your fix. You know the menu, you know the staff, and you know they’re experts in their craft. And if you travel away to new places, you do your homework to discover the best pizza places locally.

There is only one place to get great pizza in Bend, and that is at Pacific Pizza and Brew. They’re the only pizza and beer spot in Bend, OR that can truly satisfy those pizza lover cravings. They offer the best pizza brew, with locally sourced ingredients and a lot of TLC into their craft of pie creation.

If you’re a true lover of pizza in Bend, OR and are looking for your fix, then Pacific Pizza and Brew’s pizza and beer will help put your cravings to rest.