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How to Pair Beer And Pizza

Beer is synonymous with fun and excitement. It means hours of socialization with friends at your local pizza parlor. Night outs will never be complete without a bottle of this communal beverage. And what better way to make the night even more fun than by adding some cheese. Here are some beer and pizza pairings that will turn an ordinary night into extra special.

Margherita and Pale Ale

If you like Margherita pizza, the best beer to pair it with is a pale ale. This malt flavored beverage complements the toasty crust and balances out the acidity of the tomatoes. It will not only drown out the subtle flavor of the mozzarella but also push it to the forefront making the cheese the center of attention.

Pepperoni and IPA

If you still prefer the classic pepperoni pizza, you can pair it with Indian pale ale (IPA). Pairing the two will give you a bitter-salty combination. IPA is known for having more hops than the regular pale ale thus giving you more alcohol content if you like more “oomph” to your beer.

Hawaiian and Fruit Ale

Hawaiian is still a favorite flavor of pizza for many. Pairing it with a fruit-based ale will elevate its flavor. The sweetness of strawberry, grapefruit, or cherry ale will complement the sweetness of the pineapple as well as the acidity of the tomato. It will also contrast the saltiness of the ham.

Mushroom and Spinach and Stout

Mushroom combined with spinach is heavenly already. But pairing it with stout can take you to seventh heaven. If you prefer a sweet beverage, go for milk and chocolate stout. The sweetness of milk or chocolate will spice up the earthy flavors of the mushroom and spinach.

Cheese and Wheat Ale

Another classic flavor that remains a favorite is cheese. It may seem that this flavor of pizza will go well with any beer. However, cheese pizza will go well with light or wheat beer. So if you go on a night out on  Millers or Coors Light, you can pair cheese pizza with the beer. This flavor is plain in nature and wheat flavored or light beers can make it shine.

Clam and Gose

The salinity of gose is the perfect complement to the saltiness of clams and bacon. The brightness of tart will give a nice lemony finish to the seafood. The coriander will bring a subtle spice while the acidity and effervescence will cut through the fattiness and cleanses the palate between slices.

Philly Cheese Steak with Lager

The clean and lightly bitter lager will add a dash of sweetness to the caramelized onions, green pepper, and beef.

Chicago Style Deep Dish with Zwickelbier

This soft unfiltered lager adds just enough hop character that will balance the sweetness of the sauce. Its soft finish is enough to make the thick layer of cheese stand out. Zwickelbier will make the crust the star of the show. What would night outs be without a bottle of beer? When you combine two favorite meals, you can look forward to a whole new experience with your friends during the weekends. Pacific Pizza & Brew is located at 340 SW Century Dr. Bend, OR 97702.     Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+  

10 Reasons Why We Can’t Resist Pizza

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love pizza – it’s even harder to find someone who doesn’t like it at all. But why do we love pizza in Bend, OR, so much?

If you ask around, you’ll quickly see that there isn’t just one answer – there are dozens of reasons Oregonians can’t get enough of that good cheesy stuff. Hungry yet? You will be by the time you finish reading this list of things that make it so hard to resist!

1. It smells like heaven

If there was a candle that smelled like a pie fresh out of the oven, we’d buy it in a heartbeat. Pizza lovers recognize that heavenly aroma in an instant, practically floating toward the source like a character from an old cartoon.

2. That cheesy gooey goodness

The best bite is always the very first, when that string of cheese stretches from the plate to your mouth. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mozzarella lover or a parmesan fan, we can all agree the gooier the cheese, the better the pie!

3. The endless topping possibilities

No food is easier to personalize. Both vegetarians and carnivores can have exactly what they like, and even the pickiest of eaters can enjoy plain cheese. From pepperoni and mushroom to anchovies and spinach, no combination is off limits. Ok, you might get some judgmental looks if put pineapple on your pie, but we’re not going to take a side in that debate.

4. It’s always time for pizza in Bend, Oregon

Dinner? Order a pie. Lunch? Go out for pizza in Bend, Oregon. Breakfast? That cold slice of pepperoni pie leftover in the fridge. No matter the time of day, pizza is there for you.  

5. It puts you in a good mood

Just like it’s there for you at any time of day, pizza in Bend, Oregon is there for you in every stage of your life. Celebrating a birthday? Celebrate with pepperoni. Going through a breakup? Cheer up with a cheesy pie.

6. Add beer for great pizza and brew in Bend

Another great thing about pizza in Bend is how well it goes with beer. There’s nothing better than chasing down a warm slice of pie with a cold pint while you watch the big game. And you’re not just limited to beer – if you’re feeling really classy, you can even pair it with a glass of wine and a soap opera. Whatever suits you – you’ll love pizza and brew in Bend, Oregon.

7. It’s the ultimate no-mess food

For those who hate napkins and silverware, it’s is the easiest meal in the world. Hey, every slice has a handle built right into the crust! What’s more convenient than that?

8. Pizza in Bend is even better with friends

You (usually) don’t order an entire pie for yourself – you get it to share with family or friends, or both. Everyone always has pizza at parties because it’s universally understood that it’s the best food on the planet.

And hey, if you want to keep that whole pie to yourself, we’re not judging you. Live your life.

9. Leftover city

We already touched on leftovers, but it’s worth mentioning one last time – pizza leftovers are the best leftovers. If you’re not into eating it cold, just throw it in the microwave, or if you’re feeling really fancy, re-heat your leftovers in the oven to keep that crust crisp!

10. It’s super affordable

It’s so budget friendly, even broke college kids can afford it! The only thing that isn’t cheap about it is the taste – that’s priceless.

How to satisfy your pizza craving right now

If you need a hot and cheesy pie in your life ASAP, come on down to Pacific Pizza and Brew in Bend, Oregon. Choose from a long list of high-quality cheese, sauces, and toppings to create your dream pie, then pair it with your favorite local brew. We guarantee you won’t find better pies anywhere in Bend, Oregon!


5 Delicious Appetizers to Go with Your Pizza That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

We all love appetizers, but which ones go best with pizza? Find out the five appetizers you don’t want to miss out on with your next pie!

Just when you thought that pizza could not be any more perfect, you suddenly remember that appetizers exist. Sometimes, these bite-sized delights are just as good, if not better, than the actual meal!

Let’s be honest, no one likes waiting for their pizza to arrive – you see the table across from you get their pie and your stomach starts to growl a little louder. That’s why the next time you go out for pizza in Bend, OR, you need to pair your pie with one of the following delicious appetizers to keep your stomach and your taste buds happy in the meantime.

1. Old Fashioned Mac ‘N’ Cheese

What goes great with cheese? More cheese, of course! For those who can’t get enough of the stuff, treat yourself to an extra cheesy appetizer with your pizza in Bend, Oregon.

Mac ‘n’ cheese isn’t just for kids anymore – you can dress it up with different types of cheese and a variety of toppings like bacon, chicken, and even steelhead trout if you want a bit more depth of flavor. But no matter how you like it, you can’t go wrong with this classic little dish.

2. Buttery Garlic Bread

Garlic, butter, salt, herbs, and parmesan cheese – what more could you ask for in an appetizer? Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and dippable on all sides, you just can’t skip the garlic bread when you go out for pizza in Bend, Oregon.

3. Crispy Garlic Fries

There’s no such thing as too much garlic, especially when Italian food is involved. That’s why we included not one, but two garlic appetizers on this list.

What better to go with a finger food than another finger food? But not just any old French fry will do – plain fries are for hamburgers and chicken tenders. All it takes is a little garlic and a dash of parmesan to make an appetizer fit for a cheesy pie.

4. Juicy Hot Wings to Go with Your Pizza and Brew in Bend

Pizza and wings – they just sound right together. The ultimate comfort food combo, nothing hits the spot like a plate of hot and juicy wings right before you dive into that savory, cheesy pie. Whether you like ‘em spicy or mild, with blue cheese or with ranch, there are no rules.

Plus, hot wings are the perfect size to hold you over without filling you up. After all, you’re going to need plenty of room for all of that pizza and brew in Bend!

5. A Refreshing Cobb Salad Before You Dig into Your Pizza in Bend

They say that opposites attract, and that couldn’t be more true than when it comes to salad and pizza – a piping hot pie and a cold crisp salad is a match made in heaven.

Anyone who thinks that salads are boring has never had a Cobb salad. Piled high with leafy greens, tomatoes, avocado, eggs, chicken, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles, Cobb salad makes for a hearty and flavorful appetizer. If you’d rather walk on the lighter side, a house salad is always a good bet.

6. Hearty Meatballs

For those who enjoy a more filling appetizer, meatballs are another Italian specialty that goes perfectly with any pie. Tender and juicy on the inside and seared on the outside, meat lovers will definitely appreciate this savory appetizer.

The Best Appetizers and Pizza in Bend, Oregon

What do amazing appetizers and delicious pizza have in common? They can both be found at Pacific Pizza and Brew in Bend, Oregon. We use seasonal vegetables so that our pies are always fresh and full of flavor, and you can’t go wrong with any our tasty homemade appetizers. If you’re looking for great local dining in Bend, Oregon, stop on by Pacific Pizza and Brew today!

How Pizza Became Popular in the US

Have you ever wondered how pizza came to the United States? Learn how the Italian tradition became America’s favorite food!

So many of our favorite foods come to us from different parts of the world. For example, we wouldn’t have hot dogs, hamburgers, or doughnuts if America wasn’t the amazing melting pot of cultures that it is.

But most importantly, there wouldn’t be any pizza in Bend, OR, or any part of the country for that matter, if Italian immigrants hadn’t come to the United States from Naples more than one hundred years ago. They certainly didn’t come here with the intention of turning pizza into the immensely popular dish that it is today. So how exactly did this Italian tradition become the American favorite we know and love?

From Italy to Pizza in Bend, Oregon

Pizza’s history is a humble one. Its introduction to the US began in the late 19th century with the arrival of Italian immigrants from in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other cities in the east. Using the same recipes that their families used back home in Naples, they sometimes sold their homemade pies on the streets in local markets and in small cafes.

It may be hard to believe now, but the cheese pie hasn’t always had such a stellar reputation. For many years, pizza in Bend, Oregon was actually considered a “peasant dish” because it was so inexpensive to make and was most popular in poor communities.

The first pizzerias didn’t appear until the early 20th century when Lombardi’s Pizza opened in Manhattan in 1905. In 1912, Joe’s Tomato Pies opened in New Jersey, and in 1933, the slice came to Boston with the opening of Santarpio’s. Throughout the first half of the century, pizzerias would continue to shift slowly westward. Many of these original pizzerias are still run by the same families today, keeping the Italian spirit of tradition alive and well.

But pizza in Bend, Oregon, was still a long way away. In fact, it didn’t even make its way to the West Coast until decades later in 1939 when the D’Amore family opened a pizzeria in Los Angeles, California.

The Great Boom

By the 1940s, pizza had been in America for nearly half a century, with pizzerias on both the East and West coast. Still, the Italian dish wasn’t very popular with non-Italians, and it remained something of a cultural exclusive. The savory pies didn’t actually start to become popular until after World War II. The story goes that American troops stationed overseas in Italy developed an appreciation for the native dish, and brought their newfound love back home with them.

And so the boom began – between the 1950s and 60s, chains started popping up left and right to satisfy America’s new craving for the cheesy, saucy dough. With the help of famous Italian celebrities like Frank Sinatra and songs like Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore”, pizza gained rapid popularity.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just an Italian favorite anymore – everyone was enjoying this new tasty and affordable eat. But while the new chain restaurants and frozen pies available in grocery stores made pizza more accessible, it also lessened its quality. Over the next several decades, fresh ingredients were replaced with processed ones as the chains became more and more popular.

The Best Local Pizza and Brew in Bend, Oregon  

While pizzeria chains are more widespread than ever before, the local pizzeria is making a comeback with pizza and brew in Bend, Oregon. People are starting to seek out quality ingredients over convenience and atmosphere over price.

You don’t have to travel all the way to Italy to taste some amazing cheese pies – you don’t even have to go to New York City or Chicago to have a slice of some of the best homemade pies in America. At Pacific Pizza and Brew in Bend, Oregon, we offer our own unique, Northwestern spin on an old favorite. Add a pint of local craft beer, and you’ve got a combo that can’t be beat.