Pizza is easily one of the most popular choices of food in the world. Even on Instagram, it is actually considered the most Instagrammed food – that says a lot about this beloved comfort food. If you’re very much an enthusiast, this article about 6 interesting pizza hacks will be right up your alley!

1. Concept Pizza in Bend, Oregon

Have you tried pizza in Bend, OR or in other places? When it comes to cheesy slices, everyone has their own preference on how they want theirs to be done. If you have not tried pizza in Bend, Oregon, then you’re missing out. Pizza in Bend offers an incredibly wide selection of flavors you can personalize even to the smallest detail. Have a pizza and brew in Bend, and choose between a Gluten-free pie or just the local favorite and ever-reliable white pie (cooked in extra virgin olive oil) paired with a nice and cold craft beer, and you will never regret it.

2. Pie Safety

There’s nothing worse than having a pizza disaster in your car when you have waited awhile for it. Luckily, there is a useful solution for your pie’s safety (and your car’s, too). Set your box on a 2-liter bottle to prevent its toppings from running all over the car seat, and you can be confident of an accident-proof travel with your favorite food.

3. Keeping That Pie Piping Hot

When you transport your pie, there is a very good chance that it will not stay fresh through your drive home, especially if you live a good distance from the pizzeria. Keep it warm by placing the box on the passenger seat, ensure your pie’s safety, and turn on your seat warmer. This way, it will stay nice and hot for the duration of your trip.

4. Heal Burnt Tongue with Sugar, or Cool It Down with a Pizza and Brew in Bend

We like our pizza in Bend, Oregon to be fresh and hot, and there is no better time to eat it than straight out of the oven. Unfortunately, in our haste to take our first bite, your freshly cooked pie might be way too hot for comfort, causing an unfortunate burnt tongue. The best way to counter burnt tongue is to pour some sugar on your tongue and rub it on the roof of your mouth. This will get rid of the burning sensation and will let you continue eating in peace and pain-free. Once your tongue feels ready to take on another slice, knock it back with a cold brew. There’s nothing like a combo of pizza and brew in Bend.

5. Same Pizza in Bend, Different Form

If you’re bored of the traditional pie, maybe you’d want to try something slightly different. Have a leftover makeover by turning your pizza leftovers into croutons or waffles. Make croutons by cutting your leftovers into bite-sized portions and mix it with your salad and turn your average salad into an awesome one in no time. Make waffles by folding your leftover slices and sticking them in a waffle iron. Wait for it to get all toasty and oozing with cheese, and you will be able to enjoy your breakfast more with your favorite warm pizza waffles.

6. Good Ol’ Reheating

Nothing beats the cheese pie’s original shape and form. When you have leftovers, it is essential to keep its flavor and crust intact by reheating it the right way. There are two things you can do – use the ever reliable microwave or a pan. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t simply reheat it in the microwave. Put a small amount of water in a microwaveable glass beside it to keep its crust from getting chewy. Use a pan for better results, put your leftover in, cover it and reheat on low heat. This way, your pie will retain its crisp crust and melted cheese. Having pizza in Bend or anywhere is great anytime, and these few tricks will surely help you enjoy it in a new way and see your favorite food in a new light. Get your favorite pie now and try some of these hacks today!