There two different types of people in this world, those who love pizza and those who like pizza. And there is a huge difference between them! There are the people who are satisfied with your average, out of the box Friday-night special. And then there are the people who will plan their entire nights, weekends, and vacations around the quest of tasting the best of the best.

If you aren’t sure if you suffer from being deeply in love with pizza, then you are in the right spot. Below are the 5 signs that could mean you are most likely in love with pizza. Find out if this is you!

1. Everyone Knows it’s the One Thing That Cheers You Up

From bad days at work, to performing poorly for an assessment, to your average crappy day where nothing can go right, what is your ideal cure? Sure, it is pizza. It is one thing for you to know this about yourself, but it is another thing if everyone else knows this about you.

For many people, their resolution to a not-so-good day may be ice cream, chocolate, or booze. But for the true lover, their vice is always their slices of goodness. And there is never a better sound than hearing your family, friends, or significant other offering to treat you to ooey-gooey cheesy goodness.

If everyone around you knows that cheering you up with pizza is the ultimate way to turn your day around, then you are definitely an enthusiast.


2. When It’s Your First Recommendation for Ordering Out

Is pizza always number one on your list for ordering out? If so, then you’re definitely a proper foodie for these delightful circles of goodness. Just think about the endless options that you have for your weeknight or weekend take out or delivery options. Thai. Chinese. Indian. The list can seem endless. Yet, you always gravitate toward the best pizza. Coincidence, we think not!


3. You Can Smell It When You Think About It

This is not metaphorically speaking- you’re definitely in love if you can smell it when you think about it. The hot dough, the luscious tomato sauce, the hot pepperoni and melted cheese; if you’re already smelling it, we’re afraid you’re infatuated with the stuff!

4. Even If You Don’t Like the Toppings, You Will Still Eat It

Most people would rather order something new or just not eat anything at all if it has pineapple, mushrooms, or artichokes on top. But not you! If you get one glimpse of that beautiful pie, no matter how weird the toppings are, you can’t help but dive right in.

5. You Have a Favorite Place to Get Your Pie

For the real lover, you have a place you always go to for your fix. You know the menu, you know the staff, and you know they’re experts in their craft. And if you travel away to new places, you do your homework to discover the best pizza places locally.

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