Pizza has held a bad rep for being a bad food choice many people claim leads to obesity or simply being unhealthy. In fact, in most cases, people are wrong, as it actually holds some health benefits that our bodies could use!

 It is true, pizza can, in fact, be healthy for you. Parental advisory is suggested because once your kid reads this they will never stop asking for their favorite food and you’re going to struggle to win the argument.

This is great news for pizza lovers who want more excuses so they can keep indulging in their favorite food. However, it all really depends on what kind you’re eating and where you’re getting it. If it’s great pizza from Pacific Pizza and Brew, its bound to fit these categories. Check out the 3 reasons this food can actually be healthy for you:


1. Pizza Can Help Fight Cancer

Okay, hear us out! I bet this is the last thing you expected to hear.

Pizza has had a long reputation of being bad for you and your health, however, that is not fully true. Since tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, which is an antioxidant compound that can help protect you from heart disease and prevent cancer, you are fighting off potential health diseases by eating this yummy treat. See what popular health blog Active Beat has to say about it! 

2. Can Help Boost Your Immunity

It is said that tomato sauce is packed with vitamin C, which is the key ingredient for your body to fight off illnesses. It’s relevant that a healthy immune fighting dish depends on the ingredients and the amount of the ingredients; however, once you have read this you will know how to make your pies healthier for yourself.

In fact, adding oregano to your sauce can help boost your immunity further. Oregano has a large active ingredient called carvacrol, which has properties that can protect your liver and help balance blood sugar.

3. Most Contain Nutritious Ingredients

This article isn’t telling you that every pizza is healthy for you, but it is important to consider what you’re asking for. Many great pizza shops, like Pacific Pizza and Brew in Bend, OR, have pies crafted with many different veggie options. You can also request different types and thickness of dough, the amount of sauce you want, and healthier toppings. So, don’t forget about the veggie selections on the menu! You will be doing yourself a huge nutritional favor. 

Pacific Pizza and Brew’s Healthy Choices

At Pacific Pizza and Brew, we offer great food with many nutritional values. Our restaurant offers the best beer and pizza in Bend, and even options with healthier choices. All our ingredients are 100% fresh, making our dishes stand out from the rest. Choose the best pizza brew in Bend, and receive the highest-quality selection in the area!