It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love pizza – it’s even harder to find someone who doesn’t like it at all. But why do we love pizza in Bend, OR, so much?

If you ask around, you’ll quickly see that there isn’t just one answer – there are dozens of reasons Oregonians can’t get enough of that good cheesy stuff. Hungry yet? You will be by the time you finish reading this list of things that make it so hard to resist!

1. It smells like heaven

If there was a candle that smelled like a pie fresh out of the oven, we’d buy it in a heartbeat. Pizza lovers recognize that heavenly aroma in an instant, practically floating toward the source like a character from an old cartoon.

2. That cheesy gooey goodness

The best bite is always the very first, when that string of cheese stretches from the plate to your mouth. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mozzarella lover or a parmesan fan, we can all agree the gooier the cheese, the better the pie!

3. The endless topping possibilities

No food is easier to personalize. Both vegetarians and carnivores can have exactly what they like, and even the pickiest of eaters can enjoy plain cheese. From pepperoni and mushroom to anchovies and spinach, no combination is off limits. Ok, you might get some judgmental looks if put pineapple on your pie, but we’re not going to take a side in that debate.

4. It’s always time for pizza in Bend, Oregon

Dinner? Order a pie. Lunch? Go out for pizza in Bend, Oregon. Breakfast? That cold slice of pepperoni pie leftover in the fridge. No matter the time of day, pizza is there for you.  

5. It puts you in a good mood

Just like it’s there for you at any time of day, pizza in Bend, Oregon is there for you in every stage of your life. Celebrating a birthday? Celebrate with pepperoni. Going through a breakup? Cheer up with a cheesy pie.

6. Add beer for great pizza and brew in Bend

Another great thing about pizza in Bend is how well it goes with beer. There’s nothing better than chasing down a warm slice of pie with a cold pint while you watch the big game. And you’re not just limited to beer – if you’re feeling really classy, you can even pair it with a glass of wine and a soap opera. Whatever suits you – you’ll love pizza and brew in Bend, Oregon.

7. It’s the ultimate no-mess food

For those who hate napkins and silverware, it’s is the easiest meal in the world. Hey, every slice has a handle built right into the crust! What’s more convenient than that?

8. Pizza in Bend is even better with friends

You (usually) don’t order an entire pie for yourself – you get it to share with family or friends, or both. Everyone always has pizza at parties because it’s universally understood that it’s the best food on the planet.

And hey, if you want to keep that whole pie to yourself, we’re not judging you. Live your life.

9. Leftover city

We already touched on leftovers, but it’s worth mentioning one last time – pizza leftovers are the best leftovers. If you’re not into eating it cold, just throw it in the microwave, or if you’re feeling really fancy, re-heat your leftovers in the oven to keep that crust crisp!

10. It’s super affordable

It’s so budget friendly, even broke college kids can afford it! The only thing that isn’t cheap about it is the taste – that’s priceless.

How to satisfy your pizza craving right now

If you need a hot and cheesy pie in your life ASAP, come on down to Pacific Pizza and Brew in Bend, Oregon. Choose from a long list of high-quality cheese, sauces, and toppings to create your dream pie, then pair it with your favorite local brew. We guarantee you won’t find better pies anywhere in Bend, Oregon!