It’s a little-known fact that there is some of the best pizza in Bend, OR, all of which work well with a brew in hand. In this article, you will find a list of the greatest pizza and beer pairings of all time. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we can provide you with the opportunity to taste these perfect pairings for yourself.

Must Try Pizza and Brew in Bend

The following combinations of pizza and brew in Bend are some of the best—when you visit Bend, maximize your visit with this list of complementary pizza and brews. The quality of these combos ensures that you get the best flavors out of both worlds at the same time.

Wheat Ale and Cheese Pizza in Bend, Oregon

We all know that person who cheese in any form is the best. If you’re that person, then the best complement to your cheese slice is wheat ale or light beer. Classics deserve classics, so you need beer with low hop profiles to complement the flavor of the cheese.

Margherita + Pale Ale

For the classic Margherita pizza in Bend, Oregon, get yourself pale ale to help boost its flavors. The malty flavor of the ale goes well with a charred and crispy crust, and neutralizes the acidity of the tomato toppings. Meanwhile, the pale ale’s lightness allows the flavor of the mozzarella cheese on your Margherita to shine.

Hawaiian + Fruity Ale

If you love the Hawaiian with its pineapple, tomato, cheese and ham toppings, then any fruit-based ale will work best with it. Fruit-based ales have sweet, fruity tones that complement the pineapple and tomato, while balancing out the saltiness of the ham.

Pepperoni + Black Indian Pale Ale

The bitterness of the IPA is best combined with the salty and spicy pepperoni. The beer’s flavor doubles as a palate cleanser between bites. Compared to the other kinds of pale ale, the Indian Pale Ale has higher hop profiles that make it stand out.

Vegetarian + Summer Kolsch

When it comes to pizza and brew in Bend, you have a whole array of vegetarian options. It brings relief to non-meat lovers that a pizza made just for them exists. But what brew goes with a veggie pie? A summer kolsch is the best complement to your veg-lover’s delight because it won’t overwhelm the taste of your vegetable toppings.

Pilsner and Thai Pizza in Bend

Yep, you read that right. Bend boasts some excellent international cuisine, and you can try some creative and tasty culinary fusions of Thai and Italian American cuisine with pizza in Bend, Oregon. The Thai pie is characteristically unique because of its peanut sauce, chicken and carrot toppings. Try it with a crisp pilsner for just the right amount of spice and floral hops that greatly complement the Thai fusion’s unique flavoring.

Four Meat + Dark Smoked Beer / Scotch Ale

With all that’s going on in this meat lover’s’ pie, you need to try it with a dark smoked beer, the roasty sweetness of which will complement the meat’s own smokiness. Also try a slice with some smoky Scotch ale to bring out the sweet flavor of the meat.

Greek + Wheat Ale

Much like a cheese pie, a Greek pie has characteristic saltiness that comes from its major toppings. To counteract this taste and to cleanse your palate every now and then, wheat ale is still the best kind to get in tandem. It’s tart and refreshing and will surely taste wonderful with your Greek pizza in Bend.

BBQ + Amber / Red Ale

Smokey barbecue toppings work well with smoky beer, which means mild to slightly higher hop notes – you can get this taste from amber ale or a red IPA. These kinds of beer are known for their proportional amounts of malt and hop, which makes them ideal matches to any BBQ flavors.

Pesto + Dark Honey Ale

Pesto gives a rich flavor that can be well complemented with the sweet undertones of dark honey ale. An aromatic beer is always the best choice because the sweetness can balance out the stronger taste of the pesto.

The Bottom Line

If you find yourself in Oregon, drop by and get a taste of some of the best pizza in Bend. And while you’re here, pair it up with a brew that complements it perfectly. The city has a variety of pizza flavors, some of which are rare as well as beer brews that you can match up for an unforgettable culinary experience.