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Welcome to Pacific Pizza in Bend, Oregon

At Pacific Pizza & Brew, our commitment to the Bend, Oregon community is to provide a quality experience in a laid-back atmosphere, using fresh ingredients and locally sourced products whenever possible.

Our from-scratch recipes feature meats, cheeses and fish that are “cold” smoked on the premises. The house-specialty sauces and dough made fresh daily really set our pizzas apart from the rest. We keep the menu tight and focus on what we excel at...simply good food for good people.


The Menu reflects the Pacific Coast lifestyle and pulls eclectic influences from Alaska to Central America, and offers a variety of Pacific flavors. The from-scratch sauce and proprietary dough recipes make our pizzas a cut above the rest. The dough is made in-house daily, including a percentage of whole-wheat and a slow-rise preparation.

The sandwich list features classic favorites, tried and true. Our tasty home-made soups and salads round out our menu designed with you in mind.

Starters & Salads:
HOT WINGS - 1 lb. of House-smoked, Spicy Chicken Wings served with Carrot and Celery sticks. Blue Cheese dressing on the side.
MEATBALLS - In-house recipe Beef and Pork Meatballs served with Marinara sauce and Crostini’s.
GARLIC BREAD - Our 10 Pizza dough topped with Garlic butter, Parmesan Cheese and Herbs.  Marinara on the side.
GARLIC FRIES - Thin cut Fries, Fresh Garlic, Parmesan Cheese, and Truffle Salt.
MAC N CHEESE - Cheese and more cheese with elbow pasta.  Add Chicken or Steelhead for extra. 
CHOWDER - Our smoked Columbia River Steelhead with sweet Corn and Potatoes.  Awesome!
CAPRESE SALAD - Fresh Basil, fresh Mozzarella, Roma Tomatoes, with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.
PACIFIC COBB - Mixed Greens, sliced Egg*, smoked Steelhead, smoked Chicken, Bacon, Tomatoes, Avocado, and Blue Cheese crumbles. Your choice of dressing. 
HOUSE - Mixed Greens, seasonal Veggies, Red Onions, Sunflower Seeds, and dried Figs. Served with choice of House-made Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard or Balsamic Vinaigrette.
KALE - Thinly sliced Kale, Cabbage, Carrot, Mint, Green Onions, Peanuts, shaved Brussel Sprouts and spicy Peanut-sesame dressing.
CAESAR - Freshly chopped Romaine, house-made Caesar dressing with Anchovy Paste, Egg*, Parmesan, and Croutons.
SPINACH - Spinach, Red Onion, Bacon, Queso Fresco, Dried Cherries, and toasted Pumpkin Seeds w/ Honey Mustard dressing.
CHEESE - Marinara sauce topped with Mozzarella.  ::  Sauce on side for CHEESE BREAD
CLASSIC COMBO - Marinara sauce, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Fennel Sausage, Crimini Mushrooms, Green Bell Pepper, roasted Red Onion, and Black Olives.
PEPPERONI - Our classic Cheese pizza with Liguria Pepperoni.
MARGHERITA - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Marinara sauce, fresh Garlic, fresh Roma Tomatoes, Basil and fresh Mozzarella.  Topped with Arugula.
PESTO - Pistachio Pesto sauce with fresh Basil and house Ricotta mix. Topped with Red Onion and Roma Tomatoes. 
VEGGIE - Marinara sauce, roasted Red Peppers, Crimini Mushrooms, Red Onion, fresh Basil, Artichoke Hearts, and Green Olives.  Topped with Mozzarella.
HABANERO BBQ PORK - Garlic Olive Oil, Mozzarella, Pulled Pork, Pineapple, Bacon, and smoked Gouda.
MEATBALL - Marinara sauce, Black Olives, Crimini Mushrooms, fresh Basil, Mozzarella, and our House made Meatballs.
BBQ CHICKEN - Marinara sauce, smoked Chicken tossed in BBQ sauce, roasted Red Onion, and Mozzarella.  Topped with Blue Cheese crumbles.
CAPICOLA PINEAPPLE - Marinara sauce with Mozzarella, sliced Capicola, and fresh Pineapple.
GREEK SAUSAGE - Marinara sauce with Mozzarella, house-made Fennel Sausage, Crimini Mushrooms, Kalamata Olives, and Artichoke Hearts.  Topped with Feta Cheese.
PORTOBELLO TRUFFLE - Garlic Olive Oil, Mozzarella, roasted Portobellos, Goat Cheese, and Green Onion.
WHITE VEG - White Pie, roasted Red Peppers, roasted Pablano Peppers, fresh Pineapple and Cilantro.
ROASTED PORK - Marinara sauce, Mozzarella, Oaxaca Cheese, Spinach, Jalapeños, and roasted Pork.
SOPRESSATA PIZZA - White Pie, Sopressata Salami, Fennel Sausage, sliced Pepperoncini and roasted Garlic.
HABAÑERO ALFREDO - Habañero Alfredo Cream Base, Mozzarella, House smoked Chicken, chopped Bacon, sliced Red Onion, and minced Garlic.  Topped with fresh Arugula.
THAI PIE - Thai Peanut Base, Mozzarella, and House smoked Chicken. Topped with fresh shredded Carrots, chopped Green Onions, and Peanuts.
Bar Menu

about Pacific Pizza Bend, OR

The Pacific Pizza and Brew concept started brewing in the summer of 2013. The Pacific concept reflects our Bend, OR lifestyle and embraces influences from the entire Pacific coast. The atmosphere fosters an experience that fits your life: good food, quick service, at a reasonable cost.

The leadership team is comprised of Bendites with over 30 years experience and they bring their combined ideals, energy and personality to the table. The result... well just come in and see for yourself.

Our commitment to the Bend community invites your input, and we want you to be part of the Pacific evolution. Follow us on Facebook for announcements, weekly specials and event opportunities.

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